Property Cleanups – A visit in the springtime to clean up any mess winter has left behind and multiple visits in the fall to clean up leaves

Mulch Installation – We redefine the edges of all mulch beds, then install a High Quality Double Shredded Bark Mulch in Natural or Dyed Black Color.

Bed Care Service – To keep your property looking great all season we offer weeding of all mulched beds, maintenance of perennial flowers and ornamental grasses, shrub pruning, and monitoring of the property for insect and disease problems on a regular basis.

Deer Repellent Program – Our comprehensive repellent program helps to protect your plantings from the damage caused by deer foraging and rubbing.

Mowing – Weekly turfgrass mowing and trimming

Pruning – We employ a combination of pruning methods to keep your shrubs in good health and to the desired shape and size.

Gutter Cleaning – We clean debris from roof areas, gutters, and downspouts in the spring and fall


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